Definition of deserter in US English:



  • A member of the armed forces who deserts.

    ‘deserters from the army’
    • ‘He had become a deserter from the U.S. military - a crime punishable by prison, or even death.’
    • ‘We cannot deny the fact that many military deserters are known to be potential terrorists and criminals.’
    • ‘What will today's conscientious objectors and military deserters look like?’
    • ‘Peter, at first so quiet and unassuming, turns out to be an Army deserter.’
    • ‘The marshland areas were areas that dissidents could go and hide in, deserters from the army could go and hide in.’
    • ‘Or they were acting on their own authority, in which case they are the equivalent of mutineers, deserters, or traitors in the field.’
    • ‘This structure should also have responsibility to search for deserters.’
    • ‘In the American and British armies deserters were almost always infantrymen.’
    • ‘In addition, about half a million Italian deserters had melted into the landscape.’
    • ‘Considered a deserter by the Red Army, he was convicted of treason.’
    • ‘There may be thousands of potential deserters fleeing the Army, and they're trying to hide the scandal.’
    • ‘Jean may be an army deserter, but he still maintains an air of heroism.’
    • ‘Rather than finding the deserters, the army tends simply to write off the missing soldiers and dismiss them in their absence.’
    • ‘After 30 days of being AWOL a serviceman is considered a deserter, and a warrant is issued for his arrest.’
    • ‘The Indian Army declared him a deserter when he did not return.’
    • ‘Soldiers are considered deserters when they remain AWOL for more than 30 days.’
    • ‘The thousands of draft-dodgers and deserters who evaded each call-up showed clearly enough that the army's appeal was far from universal.’
    • ‘U.S. military records list him as an Army deserter.’
    • ‘‘We have arrested the culprits who include a deserter from the Army,’ says a forest official.’
    • ‘With the help of military deserters, they stormed the prison and forced its surrender, massacring the commander who had fired on them early in the attack.’
    absconder, runaway, renegade, fugitive, truant, escapee
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