Definition of deselect in US English:



[with object]
  • Turn off (a selected feature) on a list of options on a computer menu.

    • ‘The ability to select and deselect the files from the preview menu was hardly friendly, and I was initially left quite discouraged.’
    • ‘The dual display saves time and effort, eliminating much of the selecting, deselecting, maximizing, minimizing, opening and closing of programs.’
    • ‘Alternatively, let me deselect particular sections - in my case sport, crosswords, entertainment, all the ‘home and living’ stuff - then routinely send me the rest.’
    • ‘It takes only a long click on the application icon then selecting / deselecting the run-in compatibility mode icon to give it a try.’
    • ‘Core packages must be installed and cannot be deselected.’
    • ‘With the number of toolbars installed by default, you're never far away from a search box, though you can calm this down a little by right-clicking and deselecting individual toolbars if you find yourself crowded out.’
    • ‘These devices can be selected or deselected if you want them to be seen.’
    • ‘The first thing to do, since we won't be doing video editing, is deselect the Record buttons on the two audio channels and click Delete Tracks in the Tracks menu.’
    • ‘To get the configuration dialog for the sound card, demo mode has to be deselected.’
    • ‘In most cases, this preference is as simple as deselecting the ‘burn on the fly’ option in most CD recording applications.’
    • ‘The program counted errors when either an illegal move was made or when a participant selected and then deselected a ball.’
    • ‘I firmly believe in taking the custom route, deselect any options that you don't think you need and only select those that you do.’
    • ‘But fortunately this time round I deselected the ‘don't ask on start-up’ option, which appears on the initial start up.’
    • ‘Now go back to the Layers dialog, select the Red channel and deselect the Green.’
    • ‘The effect palette allows you to quickly select and deselect color controls like levels, brightness, and curves, which helps you avoid retracing steps to make color changes.’
    • ‘Selecting or deselecting class names in the Tree pane will modify the members shown in the member's list.’
    • ‘Configure the category simply by selecting or deselecting check boxes.’
    • ‘After you've filled your text, you can either create the shadow effect or ‘right click’ on your mouse to deselect your text.’
    • ‘Try to center it as well as possible, but don't deselect it.’
    • ‘My own preference is to leave this option deselected.’