Definition of descant recorder in US English:

descant recorder


  • The most common size of recorder (musical instrument), with a range of two octaves from the C above middle C upwards; a soprano recorder.

    • ‘As for descant recorders, having endured many music festivals in my time I have come to regard them more as instruments of torture than pleasure.’
    • ‘She plays all the instruments featured, including six and 12-string guitars, tenor, treble and descant recorders, clarinet and bodhrán.’
    • ‘It is ironic that the descant recorder has such a reputation because of its own success at being an ideal first musical instrument to so many people.’
    • ‘The 1970s detail is quite particular: a chopper bike, space hopper and the piercing tunelessness of the daughter's descant recorder are all thrown into the rowing family's maelstrom.’
    • ‘Then they troop back again in groups or two or three to give proof positive that, however simple descant recorders may look, it is possible to play them horribly out of tune.’


descant recorder

/ˈdɛˌskænt rəˈkɔrdər/