Definition of desalinator in US English:



  • See desalinate

    • ‘The boat is equipped with a desalinator for making seawater drinkable, solar panels and a small generator for electricity and six different types of high-calorie dehydrated expedition food.’
    • ‘They guzzle so much energy that desalinators operate only in locations with excess petroleum, or where waste heat from power plants (especially nuclear and geothermal) can be recycled.’
    • ‘The government is also encouraging the private sector to build desalinators to provide fresh water on a steady basis.’
    • ‘Behind him, he towed a raft outfitted with a coffin-size sleeping compartment and carrying fishing tackle, compass, sextant, and three portable water desalinators.’
    • ‘Designed to carry up to 20 divers in well-equipped double cabins, she has two generators, two water desalinators, air and nitrox and photo-processing facilities.’