Definition of deradicalize in US English:


(British deradicalise)


[with object]
  • Cause (a person with extreme views) to adopt more moderate positions on political or social issues.

    ‘unless extremists are deradicalized, there will be no end to this protracted conflict’
    • ‘Authorities should do as much as possible "to engage with them ideologically, change their views and deradicalize them."’
    • ‘He told the investigator he had tried to deradicalize another man in the past, although he couldn't remember that individual's name.’
    • ‘A former neo-Nazi, he was deradicalized and now runs a charity offering far-right extremists support as they leave the movement.’
    • ‘So, in the long run these operations will not necessarily help to deradicalize potential recruits.’
    • ‘There has been considerable debate on the center's efforts to deradicalize former terrorists.’
    • ‘Their emphasis is to deradicalize militant group sympathizers or recruits arrested during search operations.’
    • ‘In Indonesia, the police force deradicalised extremists and helped them with employment.’
    • ‘The first step in deradicalising somebody is for them to break with their past associations.’
    • ‘The state's worst terrorists are not being deradicalised in prison, prompting a call to keep radical inmates behind bars, even after their sentences expire.’
    • ‘The Home ministry is exploring options if these youths can be deradicalised on their return, rather than pushing them behind bars.’