Definition of deracinate in English:



[WITH OBJECT]literary
  • Tear (something) up by the roots.

    • ‘In addition they had numerous tired and sad specimens deracinated, to make way for the new goodies, including red, pink and orange flowered gums.’
    • ‘Behind that deracinated plant we see a landscape.’
    • ‘Her forms resemble the organic and deracinated limbs of trees and woody plants, but its anaerobic sterility makes a comment not on the inherent majesty of the environment but rather of its frailty in the face of human progress and development.’
    • ‘Growing to less than 1 foot in height, Geranium incanum self-sows with abandon but is easily deracinated if you should be bothered by where it travels in your garden.’
    put an end to, do away with, get rid of, scrap, end, stop, terminate, eradicate, eliminate, exterminate, destroy, annihilate, stamp out, obliterate, wipe out, extinguish, quash, expunge, extirpate
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Late 16th century: from French déraciner, from dé- (expressing removal) + racine root (based on Latin radix).