Definition of depth charge in US English:

depth charge


  • An explosive charge designed to be dropped from a ship or aircraft and to explode under water at a preset depth, used for attacking submarines.

    • ‘Depth charge after depth charge rained down on the U-boat and up floated the usual tell-tale signs - oil and air bubbles.’
    • ‘By the end, when the sonar operator says, ‘splashes’, you yourself brace for the explosion of the depth charge.’
    • ‘The depth charge could only be effective if a submarine had been detected.’
    • ‘It drops like a depth charge, followed by an ominous silence, as he composes his words, weighs them and utters each with great earnestness.’
    • ‘He was given a nuclear depth-bomb: like a depth charge but actually a hydrogen bomb.’


depth charge

/ˈdep(TH) ˌCHärj//ˈdɛp(θ) ˌtʃɑrdʒ/