Definition of deproteinization in US English:


(British deproteinisation)


  • See deproteinize

    • ‘Genomic DNA extractions were carried out from 0.2 g of adult flies, as described by Piñol et al., except that a phenol deproteinization step was added before deproteinization with chloroform.’
    • ‘The Cd concentration was measured according to a modified deproteinization method using a flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometer.’
    • ‘The analysis of the electrophoretic mobility of DNA was performed after repeated pronase treatment and deproteinization in chloroform-isoamyl alcohol.’
    • ‘Plasma NOx was similarly assayed after deproteinization with cold ethanol.’
    • ‘Immunoprecipitation, deproteinization, and PCR were performed as described.’