Definition of deprecator in US English:



  • See deprecate

    • ‘The city critics and deprecators needed to know that there were processes being put in place, strategies being developed and people still committed to the revival of the city.’
    • ‘This faculty, he went on, aiming at his deprecators, is ‘unfolded in few individuals and despised by those who can neither acquire it nor appreciate its results.’’
    • ‘They became to be viewed as a set of robbers and deprecators, banded together solely for the purpose of plunder, and acting without authority of law or order.’
    • ‘The regiment remained during the summer, engaged in scouting and garrison duty, making occasional excursions after guerrillas and other rebel deprecators.’
    • ‘In academic circles, the cognitive argument that students of design can learn both deeply and widely by using their hands with their minds has equally passionate advocates and deprecators.’