Definition of deportation in English:



  • The action of deporting a foreigner from a country.

    ‘asylum seekers facing deportation’
    [as modifier] ‘a deportation order’
    ‘mass deportations took place over many months’
    • ‘The mass deportations have provoked tension between both countries.’
    • ‘Can you hold them in custody for purposes of expulsion or deportation, even if they are children?’
    • ‘There has been a significant rise in the number of deportations carried out so far this year compared with last year, according to new statistics.’
    • ‘Denaturalisation, deportation and extradition are the only avenues justice can allow.’
    • ‘The deportation of thousands of failed asylum-seekers will also be made a top priority.’
    expulsion, expelling, banishment, banishing, exile, exiling, transportation, transporting, extradition, extraditing, expatriation, expatriating, repatriation, repatriating, refoulement
    eviction, evicting, ejection, ejecting, ousting, throwing out, casting out, turning out, driving out, drumming out
    kicking out, booting out
    turfing out
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