Definition of depoliticize in US English:


(British depoliticise)


[with object]
  • Remove from political activity or influence.

    ‘we have to depoliticize sex education’
    • ‘This and many other issues were essentially depoliticised.’
    • ‘It also omits any of Addams's speeches from the 1920s in which she complained, long before the New Deal, that community development was becoming depoliticized casework, not the political advocacy she endorsed.’
    • ‘A certain domain of radical social questions has simply been depoliticised.’
    • ‘The irony is that over the course of the year, politics has been effectively depoliticized, turned into a war of symbols and signs, most of it intended to obscure what is really at stake.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in this controversy, it is ex-ministers and their staffers who have been depoliticised.’
    • ‘During this period immigration was largely depoliticized and seen as an essentially economic matter.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it is unforgivable to reduce it to the easy, depoliticised humour of this offering.’
    • ‘The gains from depoliticizing commercial activities should be evident by the fact that state banks and state-owned companies often serve as vehicles for distributing political favors and patronage.’
    • ‘But the image is weirdly denuded of its associations: it is depoliticised and dehistoricised.’
    • ‘Noting that religious divisions had often contributed to political instability, the founders sought to depoliticize religion by separating church and state.’
    • ‘Military professionals are barred from belonging to a political party, which also depoliticizes the military.’
    • ‘In his opinion, a network can't depoliticize the culture with a constant barrage of empty entertainment and then expect a population primed for critical thought.’
    • ‘And as recent events show, depoliticising the conflict has not led to a new era of peace and cooperation.’
    • ‘Tough decisions must be made if the Government is to depoliticise the decision-making process of where services should be based and where hospitals should be closed or expanded in response to patient demand.’
    • ‘His book prescribed a law that was depoliticized except in those cases where political factors were considered important; the concept that all law and all cases are inherently political was condemned.’
    • ‘It was the European bourgeoisie who embraced romanticism, depoliticised the liberal social order, and transformed political debate into an endless conversation.’
    • ‘The groups' first concern is that the nomination appears to be a political move, while the position of archivist was supposed to have been depoliticized.’
    • ‘This is part of a process which links their salaries to middle-ranking civil servants in an effort to depoliticise the issue of politicians’ pay.’
    • ‘Its supposed automaticity, divorcing monetary management from political interference by governments, and thus depoliticizing economic policy making, was what has always particularly recommended it to them.’
    • ‘The case for greenhouse-effect reform will only become persuasive once environmental science is depoliticized.’