Definition of depoliticization in US English:


(British depoliticisation)


  • See depoliticize

    • ‘Over the past couple of decades of industrial struggle in the 1980s and the ensuing deindustrialisation and depoliticisation, this structure has collapsed.’
    • ‘There are lots of reasons why the parties have been transformed and why they no longer play that role, but the results are a decline in civic education, a thinning out of political identification and depoliticization, more generally.’
    • ‘The depth of opposition to the war suggests that notions of depoliticisation are misplaced: the nature of political debate has now extended beyond the traditional realm of the political.’
    • ‘The movement to limit freedom of speech on one hand and the activities of these organizations on the other encourages the depoliticization of the public discourse and results in the brainwashing of the public.’
    • ‘Indeed, this depoliticization of the economic system in which we live, and of economic relations, is surely one of the great achievements of (we might still call) bourgeois ideology.’