Definition of deodar in English:



  • A tall, broadly conical cedar that is native to the Himalayas and has drooping branches and large barrel-shaped cones.

    • ‘The tree can be seen growing in cool pockets of deodar forest as well.’
    • ‘There are trees which speak to us of loss and mourning in their very shape and posture: deodar cedar from the Himalyas, the pendulous European beech and weeping Higan cherry.’
    • ‘Just below the cottage, amid towering deodars and blue pines, is a large rock.’
    • ‘The nursery offers other conifers, including Colorado blue spruce, deodar cedar, Douglas fir, and coast redwood.’
    • ‘Two blue spruces were growing in Joubert Park, together with a ‘smooth-leaved holly bush, a golden cypress, a deodar, a magnificent lime, well-known to the European countryside, and one of the finest oaks in the city, 65 feet high’.’
    • ‘This striking arrangement is made with prunings from cotoneaster, deodar cedar, and juniper.’
    • ‘A representative deodar tree, situated on the agricultural fields of Premnagar village was selected as the pollen source.’
    • ‘Eventually, as evening draws in, you turn a bend and catch a first glimpse of the scattering of bungalows, country houses and offices rising unannounced out of the deodars.’
    • ‘Clear information boards indicate the location of different types of trees which include Persian, Japanese and black walnut trees, coastal and dawn redwoods, cedar of Lebanon, atlas and deodar cedars, and swamp cypresses.’
    • ‘The road to Gulmarg is lined first with willows and then deodars as we climb.’
    • ‘Here, the deodars grow tall and straight, sometimes as high as 200 feet, with few lower branches, very different from the cedars you see in England.’
    • ‘The vast tracts of virgin deodars attracted his attention.’
    • ‘In his tours he found sacred woodlands ‘most carefully protected’ in many districts-from the Devara Kadus of Coorg in the south to the deodar temple groves in the Himalaya.’
    • ‘We arrived in Ranikhet, located 1,830 m above sea level, encircled by tall pine trees and soaring deodars, commanding views of the Himalayas glistening white in the distance.’
    • ‘There had been no deforestation in these parts and the vegetation - rhododendrons, deodars, larch and birch - was identical to that in Fraser's prints.’
    • ‘Next on the agenda for the Park Committee is the uprooting of two deodar cedar trees close to the rose garden.’
    • ‘There are deodar forests and donkey carts, smoke-cured villages, ancient petroglyphs and souvenir vendors.’
    • ‘Narrow wooded lanes through forests of oak, pine and deodar are excellent for short refreshing walks.’
    • ‘Can you get me the deodar wood for such carvings?’
    • ‘Dense shrubbery can provide shelter, as can brush piles, thickets of rugosa roses, or tall evergreen trees such as coast live oak, deodar cedar, or redwood.’


Early 19th century: from Hindi deodār, from Sanskrit devadāru ‘divine tree’.