Definition of dentin in US English:


(also dentine)


  • Hard dense bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth, beneath the enamel.

    • ‘Fractures limited to the enamel and small amounts of dentine that are not sensitive may not require immediate treatment but should be checked by a dentist.’
    • ‘In a normal tooth, the mature dentin would be mineralized completely, the scientists said.’
    • ‘Collagen also constitutes the tough, elastic fabric of tendons and ligaments, and the reinforcing dentine of tooth.’
    • ‘With the exceptions of the enamel and dentin of the teeth, bone composes the hardest structures in the human body.’
    • ‘The researchers were able to coax these stem cells to grow into nerve cells, fat cells and cells that produce dentin, the hard material in teeth that surrounds the pulp and is covered by enamel.’
    • ‘The core structure of the tooth is composed of dentine.’
    • ‘Cells from neural crest predominate in tissues that form internal tooth components such as dentin, pulp, and cementum - the bone-like material the forms the root.’
    • ‘If the sensitive dentine of the root is exposed, the tooth can become sensitive.’
    • ‘While the tusk contains some materials similar to other mammalian teeth - dentin, pulp, and cementum - it is constructed ‘inside out,’ said Frederick Eichmiller, who directs the research center.’
    • ‘Tooth enamel is much less porous than bone and dentine, and it has greater inorganic content, density, and crystallinity.’
    • ‘This dentine is darker than enamel, so teeth appear stained and discoloured.’
    • ‘Because of its chemical closeness to calcium, strontium can comfortably replace the lighter element in enamel, dentin, and bone.’
    • ‘Human teeth are made up of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.’
    • ‘The bulk of the tooth consists of the bony substance dentine, surrounding the soft inner pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves.’
    • ‘During gnawing, as the incisors grind against each other, they wear away the softer dentine, leaving the enamel edge as the blade of a chisel.’
    • ‘Whitening removes stains and lightens the teeth by acting on the surface enamel and the dentine inside the tooth.’
    • ‘Enamel and dentine defects of genetic origin are rare but are occasionally severe and may take a variety of forms and vary in their inheritance.’
    • ‘The mineral component of dentine may be any of several materials.’
    • ‘They are long lived, grow rapidly in culture, and, with careful prompting in the laboratory, have the potential to induce the formation of specialized dentin, bone, and neuronal cells.’
    • ‘Emergency care consists of placing a suitable dentine lining material on to the fractured dentine, and so prompt treatment by a dentist within the same working day or at least by the following morning is required.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin dens, dent- ‘tooth’ + -ine.