Definition of denominate in English:



  • 1be denominated(of sums of money) be expressed in a specified monetary unit.

    ‘the borrowings were denominated in U.S. dollars’
    • ‘Yes, gasoline prices are approaching nominal record highs, but since prices are denominated in money, the figures are meaningless without some comparison to the past.’
    • ‘Their real estate loans, however, were denominated in US Federal Reserve notes.’
    • ‘They contended that many foreign central banks were willing to absorb all the foreign currency earned by their exporting sectors that was not willingly held by their private sector in US dollar denominated assets.’
    • ‘So-called eurocurrency deposits are bank assets denominated in a national money different from the official currency in the country where the funds are held.’
    • ‘The demand for gold arising from its monetary role can change over time - in particular, it may rise during financial panics, when the public seeks to exchange its financial instruments denominated in gold for gold itself.’
    • ‘If an investor doesn't believe that US deficits are sustainable, then they may well opt for a gold hedge or euro denominated assets.’
    • ‘It actually happened, among other places, where bank notes denominated in the billions, trillions, and quadrillions circulated in rapid succession in 1946.’
    • ‘He suggests the introduction of foreign currency denominated assets, and direct restrictive measures on foreign currency deposits.’
    • ‘A possible means of allowing long-term loans in a manner in which they can't be converted into short-term loans is to allow domestic firms to issue long-term bonds abroad denominated in either the local or foreign currency.’
    • ‘National central banks would be required to accept all checks denominated in their currencies and finalize payment by debiting the domestic reserve accounts of the originating banks.’
    • ‘Foreigners will be less willing to own securities denominated in that currency if the risk of default is great.’
    • ‘These holdings would provide investors a partial guaranteed return, denominated in their own currencies, and the government securities would explicitly guarantee the value of the fund's capital.’
    • ‘But, a unique feature of U.S. international borrowing - mostly in dollar denominated assets - is that a depreciation of the dollar in fact reduces the burden of debt.’
    • ‘Following the abolition of exchange control, banks have been able to make provision for deposits denominated in foreign currencies.’
    • ‘Governments monopolize the supply of currency denominated in the national monetary unit.’
    • ‘Bond offerings will be denominated in that money.’
    • ‘In the final column is a recommendation on whether investors denominated in a particular national money should be buying Gold.’
    • ‘That's not encouraging news for our exporters trying to sell into the US or other dollar denominated areas.’
    • ‘Those who purchase goods incur a debit, while those who sell obtain a credit; debits and credits are denominated in the national currency.’
    • ‘It was already mentioned that the convertibility law sanctioned the validity of monetary contracts denominated in any currency.’
  • 2formal with object and complement Call; name.

    ‘the whole train was denominated a “bull-outfit.”’
    • ‘The author, needless to say, remains quite attached to his ‘insight’ that there are two different senses of ‘a priori,’ one of which he denominates the ‘Kantian’ sense.’
    • ‘The name Peru was pervasive during the colonial period and was used to denominate the larger sections of the powerful viceroyalty of Lima.’
    • ‘In other countries large bodies of water, greater than many bodies denominated seas, are called lakes, gulfs, or basins.’
    • ‘Of course snorted Northwind to himself, among so many Chieftains his identity was denominated by his clan name, only a being with enormous mental control would have managed to bring them to this point today.’
    • ‘But in reality, they lost their rights long before they were born, in an 1873 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court aptly denominated The Slaughter-House Cases.’
    call, name, term, designate, style, dub, label, entitle
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Late Middle English (in denominate (sense 2)): from Latin denominat- ‘named’, from the verb denominare, from de- ‘away, formally’ + nominare ‘to name’ (from nomen, nomin- ‘name’). denominate (sense 1) dates from the mid 20th century.