Definition of denominal in US English:



  • attributive (of a word) derived from a noun.

    • ‘Phase is basically a noun, though of course there is a denominal verb meaning to carry something out by phases, etc.’


  • A verb or other word that is derived from a noun.

    • ‘Thirty-seven children with language deficits were identified and assessed on both standardized language measures and experimental tasks involving the generation of regular and irregular past tenses together with denominals.’
    • ‘For a charted illustration of denominals and their opposites, please see the Appendix.’
    • ‘This seemed misguided to me; I think it would make more sense to say that the denominals are part of a VP-shell configuration, and the subject comes from the outer VP (which would mean, according to their theory, that it is in ‘agent’ position, and would be seen as ‘causing’ the action).’


1930s: from de- (sense 3) + nominal.