Definition of dendron in US English:



  • another term for dendrite (sense 1)
    • ‘To make their molecular molds, the researchers begin by attaching wedge-shaped molecules called ‘dendrons’ to a porphyrin core to create a dendrimer.’
    • ‘Stupp and his coworkers made the templates for the cadmium sulfide helices from molecules dubbed dendron rodcoils.’
    • ‘The cell body is surrounded by a bush of up to ten or so dendrites (Greek dendron: wood or tree), but typically has only one axon, which may have many branches.’
    • ‘The name derives from the Greek philo or ‘love’ and dendron, ‘tree’, because of its heart-shaped leaves.’
    • ‘Arborescent and dendritic are terms that mean ‘treelike ‘- from the Latin arbor and the Greek dendron.’’


Late 19th century: from dendrite, on the pattern of words such as axon.