Definition of dendritic in US English:



  • 1Having a branched form resembling a tree.

    • ‘For example, limestone often contains dendritic (tree-like) patterns formed by precipitating manganese dioxide, and they are unique as are snowflakes.’
    • ‘Non-drugged rats that were placed in the complex cages had spiny neurons with increased dendritic branching, reflecting new neuronal development.’
    • ‘A dendritic creek pattern may develop which is the most efficient in terms of dissipating incoming wave and tidal energy by friction.’
    • ‘What we learn influences structures like dendritic branching and cell size; brain architectures in turn, support certain skills and abilities, which may lead us to select additional experiences.’
    • ‘At birth most of the connections, including dendritic growth and branching and synapse formation, are missing.’
    1. 1.1Physiology Relating to a dendrite or dendrites.
      • ‘Normal dendritic accessory cells are a large family of morphologically distinctive potent antigen-presenting cells.’
      • ‘Arborescent and dendritic are terms that mean ‘treelike ‘- from the Latin arbor and the Greek dendron.’’
      • ‘Rousing slumbering T cells is the job of dendritic cells, the sentinels of the immune system.’
      • ‘Once activated, dendritic cells interact with other components of the immune system to stimulate the multiplication of a subset of T cells that will recognize and destroy infected cells.’
      • ‘In a number of laboratory and clinical trials, dendritic cell immunotherapy had succeeded in eliciting a powerful immune response against brain tumor cells, but significant improvements in length of survival had not been realized.’
    2. 1.2 (of a solid) consisting of crystalline dendrites.
      ‘dendritic salt’
      • ‘The more pelitic samples contain euhedral orthopyroxene residual biotite, and dendritic ilmenite grains.’
      • ‘This alloy, which is used widely for tubes, sheets and wires, also shows a dendritic structure of the a solid solution when chill fast.’
      • ‘Also, the two geometries are mathematically equivalent with appropriate diffusion scaling, except for the fact that the bulk volume was 1000 fl, whereas the dendritic volume was 1 fl in most runs.’
      • ‘When one sees dazzling dendritic arrays of crystalline gold such as that pictured here. it is tempting to imagine open cavities in the earth filled with breathtakingly beautiful similar crystallizations.’
      • ‘Fine specimens from this locality consist of lustrous lamellae to 3 cm long, prismatic crystals, and penetration twins producing arborescent or dendritic forms.’