Definition of denaturant in US English:



  • 1A substance that causes denaturation of proteins or other biological compounds.

    • ‘Clearly, the protein stability decreases as the denaturant concentration is increased.’
    • ‘The effect of denaturants on protein folding has long been investigated.’
    • ‘These observations underscore the complexity of the mechanism by which denaturants achieve their protein-unfolding action.’
    • ‘Fig.6 shows that the protein molecules gradually increase their size when exposed to a denaturant.’
    • ‘Urea is a denaturant capable of inactivating peroxidase over time by changing the structural integrity of the enzyme.’
    1. 1.1 A substance added to alcohol to make it unfit for drinking.
      • ‘Methanol is used as a denaturant for grain alcohol.’
      • ‘There are several grades of denatured alcohol, but the denaturants used are generally similar.’