Definition of denaturalization in US English:


(British denaturalisation)


  • See denaturalize

    • ‘The collected leaflets were transported on ice, to avoid protein denaturalization, and subsequently stored in a Revco freezer set to - 70°C until the moment of allozyme extraction.’
    • ‘Before the denaturalisation of the river even, I recall stretches of wild beauty.’
    • ‘He then referred to a number of deportation and denaturalization cases.’
    • ‘A common experience for participants in these exercises, attested repeatedly, is the denaturalization of the present that occurs with prolonged exposure to a different way of life.’
    • ‘The court ruled that the evidence in a denaturalization case must be ‘clear, unequivocal, and convincing ‘- a higher standard than that of a typical civil case.’’