Definition of demythologize in US English:


(British demythologise)


[with object]
  • 1Reinterpret (a subject or text) so that it is free of mythical or heroic elements.

    ‘he undertakes to demythologize the man who has been for many the modern counterpart of St. Augustine’
    • ‘This article suggests that it is possible to demythologise Gallipoli while still honouring the sacrifice of the Anzacs and the Allied soldiers who fell on the peninsula in 1915.’
    • ‘I think there is no doubt at all as Christopher says, that there has been a demythologizing of Dina since her death.’
    • ‘‘Stalin isn't subject to demythologizing, and this proves that he is alive,’ wrote Marina Koldovskaya in the liberal weekly magazine Novoye Vremya.’
    • ‘Man would be free, he said, if we could demythologize religion.’
    • ‘The demythologizing of the aftermath of the event can be one-consequence of juxtaposing the sources and treating the information they provide in a comparative manner.’
    • ‘I think that in whatever we can - in whatever way we can, we do want to demythologize the illness.’
    • ‘The ‘rape is violence’ feminists also sought to demythologise rape, to take away its special stigma.’
    1. 1.1 Reinterpret what are considered to be mythological elements of (the Bible).
      • ‘In scenes from other cycles, he demythologises Biblical heroes and figures from history.’
      • ‘Kant's demythologized religion was not uncommon among his contemporaries.’
      • ‘But Canadian researchers, scholars and writers alike have been working for years to address this by publishing a range of books that seek to demythologize this history.’
      • ‘There is a fundamental paradox in Heidegger: he tries to maintain the ethos of the mythic (the sentimentality about pre-industrial rural life) in a demythologized world of capitalist exchange value.’
      • ‘Such an approach, I hope, may go some modest distance to demythologise the law of defamation.’
      • ‘The demythologizing of the hierarchy was under way.’
      • ‘The other side of his theology is demythologizing.’
      • ‘So who will benefit from this gradually paced demythologizing of one of the most legendary and deliberately paradoxical writers and personalities in recent American letters?’
      • ‘My way of demythologizing the case for public funding of stem-cell research will not, I fear, make much difference, even if plausible.’
      • ‘Furthermore, although writing was initially used in the service of solidifying and disseminating mythological perspectives, the impetus toward critical, analytical thought was essentially a demythologizing move.’
      • ‘In the first part of the book, Stahl attempts to demythologize technology by demonstrating its implicit religious character.’
      • ‘How, then, do we demythologize and render impotent the demons in our lives?’
      • ‘He sought to demythologize Galileo, particularly the version that had become popular in the eighteenth century of Galileo the experimenter.’
      • ‘It's trying to demythologise church doctrine.’
      • ‘The delicate part of the task that I see as pertinent is to avoid demythologising.’