Definition of demodectic mange in US English:

demodectic mange


  • A form of mange caused by follicle mites and tending to affect chiefly the head and foreparts.

    Compare with sarcoptic mange
    • ‘Demodectic mange caused by demodectic mange mites is mainly a problem in dogs.’
    • ‘Older dogs with demodectic mange may have a serious underlying disease problem that interferes with a well functioning immune system.’
    • ‘Occasionally, an animal will develop demodectic mange as an adult; however, this usually means that the animal has another medical condition that is compromising the immune system.’
    • ‘Most pets that have demodectic mange are young, which is a big aid in the diagnostic process.’
    • ‘Dogs infected with scabies or demodectic mange should be groomed following the advice of your veterinarian only.’


Late 19th century: demodectic from modern Latin Demodex (from Greek dēmos ‘fat’ + dēx ‘woodworm’) + -ic.


demodectic mange

/ˌdeməˌdektik ˈmān(d)ZH/