Definition of demineralize in US English:


(British demineralise)


[with object]often as adjective demineralized
  • 1Remove salts from (water).

    • ‘Non-governmental organizations were formed to oppose the pumping, and in 2001 the federal government launched an investigation into the company on the grounds it was violating constitutional prohibitions on demineralizing water.’
    • ‘If you do use a portable humidifier (approximately 1 to 2 gallon tanks), be sure to empty its tank every day and refill with distilled or demineralized water, or even fresh tap water if the other types of water are unavailable.’
    • ‘There are four basic steps in boiler water treatment programs: clarification, demineralization and softening, deaeration, and the addition of amines.’
    • ‘The mixture is a coolant (dimethyl-ether I think, for you chemistry types) and demineralized water.’
    • ‘If your water softener adds excessive sodium, you might want to consider switching to a different water-purification system or buying demineralized water for drinking and cooking.’
    • ‘Twenty radish seeds (Raphanus sativus L., cv. 18 days) were placed into a glass jar (7 cm diameter and 9 cm high, closed with a cap), filled with 5 ml of a chemical solution or demineralized water (control).’
    • ‘To isolate zoospores, sporulating cultures were flooded with 10 ml of demineralized water and incubated at 4° for 3 hr to allow formation and release of zoospores.’
    • ‘Before the Harrier jets shut down, our normal practice is to wash out the intakes and engine with demineralized water to remove any salt spray.’
    • ‘Distilled or demineralized water has been treated to remove nearly all minerals that occur naturally in the water, making the water taste flat.’
    • ‘The root systems were carefully washed with cold demineralized water to remove any NH 4 NO 3 nutrient solution.’
    1. 1.1 Deprive (teeth or bones) of minerals, causing loss of tooth enamel or softening of the skeleton.
      • ‘Fermentable carbohydrates are ingested, producing acids that demineralize teeth.’
      • ‘The scientific analysis revealed that just the outer 2mm of the bone had been demineralised.’
      • ‘It is this lactic acid, held in place by the sticky matrix secreted by the bacterium, which demineralises and softens enamel.’
      • ‘Bacteria, predominantly mutans streptococci, metabolize monosaccharide and disaccharide sugars to produce acid that demineralizes teeth and causes cavities.’
      • ‘I think once a bone is demineralized, it is difficult to build it up, but you could certainly stunt (this loss).’
      • ‘As during late gestation, if an adequate quantity of calcium and phosphorous is not provided in the lactation diet, the sow will demineralize skeletal tissue to meet her needs for milk production.’
      • ‘These cells were seeded onto demineralized bone grafts to form cell-scaffold constructs and were implanted to repair various bone defects.’