Definition of demine in US English:



[with object]
  • Remove explosive mines from.

    ‘the country would now move to demine the 41 sites’
    • ‘Funding was given for the removal of land mines, which kill and maim many hundreds each year, but fewer than half of the areas identified for clearing had been demined as of September 11.’
    • ‘Mine training focuses on the soldier's ability to work with and teach demining operations to indigenous personnel and foreign troops.’
    • ‘He said the agency would identify key routes to be demined to allow deliveries, and was preparing for a possible airlift of food to the worst-hit areas.’
    • ‘Mike, 44-year-old ex-soldier and now a civilian bomb disposal and demining expert, is a brave man.’
    • ‘Some of the area has been demined, but you don't run off certain places in case there is a landmine.’
    • ‘‘To avoid future danger, we have since written and requested for a team to demine the area,’ he said.’
    • ‘These auxiliary duties would include weapons disposal, demining, and support for disaster relief operations.’
    • ‘He said the country would now move to demine the 41 sites identified through the national survey to be affected by landmines.’
    • ‘With international financing, the country rapidly demined the war zone; by 1994 no injuries related to mines were reported.’
    • ‘The demining operations are fraught with difficulties because the minefields are now overgrown with mature trees and heavy bush, and the military is not certain about their exact location.’
    • ‘Some experts believe that at the current rate of demining it will be 90 years before the country is mine free.’
    • ‘He also organized demining operations, as he had done on other former battlefields.’
    • ‘It's on rich volcanic rocks making demining after the war slow and difficult.’
    • ‘By late Wednesday evening, it was reported that the port was open for traffic and no one bothered to ask how was such a heavily mined port demined in such a short time?’
    • ‘Experts also met to discuss military demobilization, military and police training, demining, and counternarcotics issues and alternative development.’