Definition of demi-sec in US English:



  • (of wine) medium dry.

    • ‘Your tastebuds are actually at their most sensitive in the morning (which is why most tastings take place then) so unless you really prefer extremely dry wines, choose a demi-sec style.’
    • ‘Wines may be sold as demi-sec, moelleux, and, sweetest of all, liquoreux.’
    • ‘They are available in varying degrees of sweetness, but it is the sec and demi-sec that truly inspire on hot, sweaty days.’
    • ‘All Champagnes are made in a range of styles, from extremely dry to ultra-sweet: extra brut (less than 6g of residual sugar), brut, extra dry, sec, demi-sec, rich or doux.’
    • ‘This year was a bit more special, just the three of us and a bottle of demi-sec.’


French, literally ‘half-dry’.