Definition of demeaning in US English:



  • Causing someone to lose their dignity and the respect of others.

    ‘the poster was not demeaning to women’
    • ‘The word was used twice in a demeaning manner.’
    • ‘They consider these a distorted and demeaning portrayal of their own tribal ancestors.’
    • ‘The outraged minister found the offer a demeaning Catch - 22.’
    • ‘At least we no longer have to listen to her demeaning comments.’
    • ‘Instead of leading the life of an adventurer king, Herc is forced to perform 12 degrading and demeaning labors.’
    • ‘Welfare reformers have imagined that in forcing people to work, a demeaning chapter would close in their lives.’
    • ‘People who speak that way are speaking in pejorative, demeaning terms.’
    • ‘However, such degrading and demeaning views of Lee's performance certainly do not do him justice.’
    • ‘Discovering the selfish and demeaning way in which many of them have conducted themselves has undermined that expectation.’
    • ‘Like thousands of others during this time, Tucker moved from one low-paid demeaning job to another in order to survive.’
    • ‘The homeless are treated as criminals who must be forced into the city's dangerous and demeaning shelter system.’
    • ‘And as a result, members of the royal family had been put in some demeaning positions.’
    • ‘They are going to introduce fair benefits for asylum seekers to replace what they call the demeaning voucher system.’
    • ‘Nearly all of the detainees were released and deported, although only after months of cruel and demeaning treatment.’
    • ‘Worst of all is his demeaning treatment of my grandmother.’
    • ‘She spoke of people doing repetitive and demeaning work.’
    • ‘Of course, any Supreme Court Justice guilty of such demeaning action today would become the center of a national firestorm.’
    • ‘Do not confront anyone who is making disparaging or demeaning remarks or exhibiting threatening behavior’
    • ‘It was the most demeaning, confidence-sapping job I have ever had.’
    • ‘The small private sector, already reeling under horrible and demeaning regulatory control, sustained socialism for a while.’
    degrading, humiliating, shaming, shameful, bringing shame, mortifying, abject, lowering, ignominious, undignified, inglorious, discrediting
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