Definition of demantoid in US English:



  • A lustrous green variety of andradite (garnet).

    • ‘The dragonflies' backs are composed of graduated black opals and the heads are of pink opals with demantoid garnet eyes.’
    • ‘The third major find in recent years is green andradite, some of which may be considered demantoid.’
    • ‘Five slightly smaller clusters encircle the center, each with a faceted demantoid green garnet at its center.’
    • ‘Superimposed on the spray is a diamond and demantoid garnet butterfly.’
    • ‘The main uses of garnets are for abrasives and grinding materials; they also provide semi-precious gemstones such as rhodolite, demantoid, and grossular.’


Late 19th century: from German, from Demant ‘diamond’.