Definition of demanding in US English:



  • 1(of a task) requiring much skill or effort.

    ‘she has a busy and demanding job’
    • ‘You obviously have a very demanding training schedule, how do you stop yourself from getting run down?’
    • ‘Employees worked long hours, performing repetitive and physically demanding tasks.’
    • ‘Professional ministry within congregations is often presented as an amazingly difficult and overly demanding task.’
    • ‘Increasingly, however, topics are also focused on developing more cognitively demanding academic language in the content areas.’
    • ‘The temptation is to linger over these while neglecting other, more demanding tasks.’
    • ‘Both ultrasound and resonance measurements in crystals are very demanding in terms of sample size and preparation requirements.’
    • ‘Our goal is not to over-saturate pilots, but allow them to develop proficiency in basic skills and then introduce more demanding tasks.’
    • ‘Although the races are physically demanding, they did not only attract youngsters.’
    • ‘She has been an invaluable help in this very time-consuming and demanding job.’
    • ‘She was still slender and wiry despite her demanding job teaching at Harvard University.’
    • ‘Women engage in food preparation, child rearing, carpet weaving, and other tasks within the compound, while men take care of the animals and do the physically demanding tasks.’
    • ‘Although it does not involve any lines, it is a demanding role.’
    • ‘Most adults are aware of their ‘personal clock’ and know their prime times for completing intellectually demanding tasks.’
    • ‘They did a fantastic job on an extremely grim and physically demanding task, and I'm very proud of what they achieved.’
    • ‘It is a highly complex and demanding task that requires that a number of skills be performed simultaneously.’
    • ‘Despite her increasingly demanding schedule, Samantha insisted she still finds time for herself.’
    • ‘Raising children is a demanding task; it requires energy and attention round the clock.’
    • ‘He was involved in technically demanding work for which he was plainly well qualified.’
    • ‘But don't go breathing a sigh of relief, for this is the most demanding task yet.’
    • ‘Should that benefactor be reading this column, I should like to point out to them that writing a weekly column for the paper can be an arduous and demanding task at times.’
    difficult, challenging, testing, taxing, exacting, tough, hard, onerous, burdensome, stressful, formidable
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) making others work hard or meet high standards.
      • ‘Her absent-mindedness is self-handicapping, preventing her from feeling on top of the things that she does have to do, like take care of her demanding husband.’
      • ‘I'm very demanding on myself, and I'm very demanding of the people around me.’
      • ‘They no longer had to worry about a hungry baby, a demanding teenager, or a simple lack of time.’
      • ‘She was not a demanding person by nature, but if she were left with her questions for much longer she'd very well seek answers on her own!’
      • ‘Words and ideas push people to think and revise their conception of society, to be more demanding.’
      • ‘The design team reasoned women are the most demanding customers and if you meet their expectations you exceed expectations of men.’
      • ‘He answers to shareholders and legions of demanding fans.’
      • ‘My dream for the business is that we can continue to provide affordable, quality childcare that meets the demands of a very demanding customer base.’
      • ‘The aspirations of these voters are far higher than other voters and hence, they are more demanding and impatient.’
      • ‘In all my days, I have never met a woman was demanding and difficult as yourself.’
      • ‘He is a very confident person and he is a very demanding person.’
      • ‘But our canine counterparts can be extremely demanding.’
      • ‘If you feel under pressure or there are a lot of other stresses in your life, it can seem harder to cope with a demanding child.’
      • ‘He was an individual who was single-minded, a very demanding person, but also a very loving individual.’
      • ‘As soldiers, children are considered cheaper and less demanding than adults.’
      • ‘She could've kicked herself for the demanding tone in which she asked the question.’
      • ‘But are we seriously being asked to believe that virtually all applicants meet such demanding standards?’
      • ‘Her response was to jump up on to the kitchen counter and to sit by the tap, glaring at me until I turned it on to produce a trickle of the exact strength to meet her demanding standards.’
      • ‘These boats are old, inefficient, and in some cases in need of extensive work if they are to meet the demanding safety standards that now apply to Ireland's fishing fleet.’
      • ‘Although schedules for architecture students are very demanding, we too deserve the right to easy access to services that are available to everyone else at the university.’
      nagging, clamorous, importunate, insistent
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