Definition of delta rays in US English:

delta rays

plural noun

  • Rays of low penetrative power consisting of slow electrons or other particles ejected from atoms by the impact of ionizing radiation.

    • ‘They suggest that delta ray action rarely produces DSBs at locations away from a primary ion track, and that the average energy per delta ray has little biological importance.’
    • ‘If you set the delta ray threshold to infinity (which is a possibility, but not recommended) all the energy lost will be deposited instead at the loss point.’
    • ‘In the case of a high range cut (i.e. energy loss without delta ray production) for thick absorbers the following condition should be fulfilled.’
    • ‘The fraction due to delta rays and capacitive coupling has been increased to 24% for the first stack and to 19% for the other stacks.’
    • ‘These are all negative particles which, like the delta rays turn to the left.’


delta rays

/ˈdɛltə reɪz/