Definition of delocalize in English:



  • 1 Detach or remove (something) from a particular place or location, or from local limitations.

    ‘delocalized cortical activity’
    ‘delocalizing of finance capital’
    • ‘It delocalizes memories and suggests a historicity of a cosmopolitan nature.’
    • ‘This picture is consistent with the assignment of low-frequency modes in PLA to delocalized backbone torsions mixed with hydrogen-bond stretching.’
    • ‘This result qualitatively explains the experimentally observed wavelength dependence of Phi for rhodopsin and reveals the importance of delocalized, torsional modes in the reactive pathway.’
    • ‘The neighboring Mixtec and Zapotec villages pursue a southern delocalized pattern of dispersion and deterritorialization.’
    • ‘Our bodies are delocalised and dislocated, they can be accessed from computers anywhere.’
    • ‘Only 30% of the spectra carry a clear signature of delocalized excited states of a circular structure of the pigments.’
    • ‘In some cases, electrons can be shared between atoms, and are then called delocalised.’
    • ‘In a metal, the valence electrons exist in a delocalized state - that is, an electron has a high probability of being found anywhere inside the metal.’
    • ‘A modification of the absorption spectra observed upon a self-association can be explained in terms of either localized or delocalized excited states.’
    • ‘The French and Dutch left see today's EU project as a means used by their governments to privatise and delocalise the economy.’
    • ‘The outbreak of the disease underlined how quickly our delocalised food chain can become a complex pathway for the spread of disease.’
    • ‘With broadcasting, the electronic audience was delocalised and socially decomposed.’
    • ‘This effect results from the ability of the electrons in conjugated bonds to delocalize, or spread their effect throughout the molecule.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry
      (of electrons) be shared among more than two atoms in a molecule.
      ‘the pi electrons are delocalized and energetically stable’
      • ‘Therefore, all such red-shifted pigments are believed to be highly delocalized, bond-equalized carbocations.’
      • ‘The carboxylate ion has a negative charge, which is delocalized over both oxygen atoms to form a stable resonance hybrid.’
      • ‘This is because these low-frequency motions are typically delocalized throughout the system and involve mainly collective movements of residues.’
      • ‘The electrons in benzene's three pi bonds are highly delocalized, to the point that it is no longer accurate to describe them as between individual carbons.’
      • ‘The negative charge of this anion is delocalized, giving the oxygen and the carbon a partial negative charge.’
      • ‘It is generally agreed upon that these excitonic states are not completely delocalized.’