Definition of Della Cruscan in US English:

Della Cruscan


  • 1Relating to the Academy della Crusca in Florence, an institution established in 1582, with the purity of the Italian language as its chief interest.

    • ‘He was admitted to the Della Cruscan Academy of Florence, but his caustic sarcasm led to his exclusion from the Académie française.’
    • ‘Even the Della Cruscan writers themselves have been unable to deprive the language wholly of the fresh spontaneity of Boccaccio's manner, which in modern literature we again admire in Manzoni's Promessi sposi.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to a late-18th-century school of English poets with an artificial style modeled on that of purist Italian writers.
      • ‘Ultimately, time and change unravels the Della Cruscan affair and ensures the failure of romance.’
      • ‘His verse reply to ‘The Snow Drop’ is in fact more a Della Cruscan erotic compliment than eulogy.’
      • ‘Using Gray's ‘Elegy’ as a point of comparison, give us a head start by talking about how Della Cruscan verse functions and what it wants to achieve.’
      • ‘When it is revived at the end of the eighteenth-century by the English Della Cruscan poets, the tradition gains a new life in the orbit of the romantic movement.’
      • ‘In 1791 she married Robert Merry, leader of the Della Cruscan group of minor English writers.’
      • ‘As a member of the Della Cruscan school of poetry, she had an indirect influence on the canonical Romantic poets.’
      • ‘The Anglo-Italian collaboration is an important aspect of the original the Della Cruscan movement.’
      • ‘The following lines are the very perfection of Della Cruscan sentiment and affected orientalism of style.’


  • 1A member of the Academy della Crusca.

    1. 1.1 A Della Cruscan poet.
      • ‘It was a name, Della Cruscans, which came to be applied to a group of English poets living in Italy at the end of the 18th century.’
      • ‘Juan's enforced cross-dressing seems to be Byron's self-justification for his harshly reviewed collections of juvenile poetry in the style of the Della Cruscans.’


Named after the Academy della Crusca in Florence (from Italian della Crusca ‘of the bran’, with reference to ‘sifting’ of the language).


Della Cruscan

/ˌdelə ˈkro͞oskən/