Definition of delist in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Remove from a list or category.

    • ‘The site also contains a list of threatened and endangered species that have approved recovery plans and a list of species that have been delisted or reclassified.’
    • ‘Species can be reclassified (moved from list to list) or delisted (removed from the lists entirely.)’
    • ‘A small number of farmers have been delisted as Fair Trade growers as a result of the monitoring activities of their peers and the Certification Officer, usually because of herbicide use.’
    1. 1.1 Remove (a security) from the official register of a stock exchange.
      ‘the stock collapsed and was delisted’
      • ‘I also counsel clients with respect to securities regulatory issues, including listing and delisting on the Nasdaq Stock Market.’
      • ‘The liquidators will not ask for delisting until there is no hope of a buy-out.’
      • ‘The sell off followed the release of a plan to delist stocks that fell to 50 cents or below for 30 consecutive days.’
      • ‘As companies falter, their stocks are delisted, cutting NASDAQ's fee revenue.’
      • ‘Prosecutors said he feared the consequences of getting delisted and wanted to sell the company's stocks last year, but didn't want to take losses because the price was low.’
      • ‘Well, you better swot up quickly or you could be fined, become uninsurable or be delisted from a stock exchange.’
      • ‘Exits were almost all due to merger or acquisition or delisting rather than bankruptcy.’
      • ‘A major shareholder had indicated he would not support the move, but subsequently sold his shareholding allowing the delisting to go ahead.’
      • ‘The cost-cutting move comes on the same day as the company revealed that NASDAQ intends to delist its stock for falling below the minimum bid price of $1 a share.’
      • ‘And the distillery, soon to be delisted for other reasons, produced strong results before falling into the maw of the Parisians.’
      • ‘His company's stock has been trading for less than $1 since January 2002 and was delisted by the NASDAQ stock exchange later that year.’
      • ‘The driving factor for the split was actually the specter of being delisted.’
      • ‘At the time of its application for exemption from filing requirements, their shares had been delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange and were no longer trading.’
      • ‘Shares valued at under $1 for more than one month are automatically delisted from the Nasdaq.’
      • ‘By the end of the week, its shares may be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.’
      • ‘Instead, it is largely being used to service the £80m debt racked up by the holding company that he used to delist the store in 2003.’
      • ‘The company's shares have since been delisted and the merger was declared unconditional in April.’
      • ‘Last month, the New York Stock Exchange delisted the company.’
      • ‘Shares in the nuclear power generator tumbled 37% to 15p after it said it had applied to delist its shares to thwart shareholders from blocking its restructuring plans.’
      • ‘The delisted company has defaulted on its pricey bonds and filed for protection under Chapter 11, becoming one of the largest high-tech bankruptcies ever.’
    2. 1.2 Remove (a product) from the list of those sold by a particular retailer.
      • ‘In future, it will delist a number of products and simplify its range.’
      • ‘Supermarkets used branded manufacturers as a source of new products which they then copied and sold at cheaper prices resulting in the delisting of the original product.’
      • ‘This can only work if one channel member is in a highly dominant position, for example, when a supermarket threatens to delist a particular product line from its shelves.’
      • ‘Half said the industry feared retribution, such as delisting by the supermarket and loss of business.’