Definition of deliberateness in US English:



  • See deliberate

    • ‘Not only, then, does materialist evolutionary theory fail to deliver knowledge, truth, deliberateness and agency, but they are of little or no evolutionary value.’
    • ‘It is has a sense of heightened unreality, a deliberateness that gives the characters depth despite occasionally too-smooth dialogue.’
    • ‘I braced myself and, with equal deliberateness, he bypassed me completely.’
    • ‘Someone who can, in all deliberateness, actually give forth that depraved statement would do well, truly, to reconsider or shut up.’
    • ‘Later, when society distorts our wants and makes it harder for us to care, the deliberateness of ethical caring supplements the spontaneity of natural caring.’
    • ‘You can see the deliberateness with which the scholar seeks his material after he gets going, but a poet never lives in that way at all.’