Definition of deletion in English:



  • 1The removal or obliteration of written or printed matter, especially by drawing a line through it.

    ‘we can agree on the deletion of the second paragraph’
    ‘deletions from the list could only be made after debate’
    • ‘This prohibited overwriting and deletion in accounting books as a means of correcting recorded transactions.’
    • ‘The judge was of the view that he did not think the deletion of the words "I recall clearly" was of any significance.’
    • ‘Many of those numerous FBI reports and documents on him are riddled with deletions.’
    • ‘Robert's list of deletions is longer: he wants me to drop 17 poems.’
    • ‘Removal from the school roll (i.e., deletion from the admission register of the school) is the subject of regulation 9.’
    • ‘Among the deletions was a statement that auditors found the firm's system of estimating costs inadequate.’
    • ‘All of the first version, except its opening stage direction, has been marked for deletion.’
    • ‘The Larpent manuscript is covered with his corrections and deletions.’
    • ‘Kenneth's standards were stringently applied - even his own letters were full of revisions, usually deletions, made by hand.’
    • ‘The deletions went beyond the typical commercially sensitive information, to embarrassing findings that the company didn't want released.’
    1. 1.1 The removal of data from a computer's memory.
      ‘a bug is responsible for the unexplained deletion of emails’
      ‘it pays to ensure deletion of unnecessary files’
      • ‘Then they email us and ask us to undo the deletion.’
      • ‘This won't actually delete the message until you quit, but will flag message x for deletion.’
      • ‘Before deleting programs, you should be certain that you can restore the system to the state prior to the deletion.’
      • ‘Until then, further discussion is off-topic for this thread and subject to deletion.’
      • ‘This crude way of recovering disk space should be followed by manual deletion of the program's Start Menu entries.’
    2. 1.2 The removal of a product, especially a recording, from the catalog of those available for purchase.
      • ‘Prune low-performing products and customers by direct deletion or by selectively raising prices.’
      • ‘In fact, some individuals may hide the true facts of a product's performance to ensure that deletion is not considered at all.’
      • ‘Even the manner of a product's deletion requires careful thought - should it be allowed to die gradually, or suddenly killed off?’
      • ‘The aim of new product development and deletion strategies is to give a company a desired portfolio of products.’
      • ‘The set retails at mid price and those who love the Englishman's way with Puccini should better snap it up before the deletion axe falls.’
    3. 1.3Genetics The loss or excision of a section of genetic code, or its product, from a nucleic acid or protein sequence.
      ‘deletion of the gene in mice results in a very reduced tail’
      ‘his team has identified several types of deletions of chromosome 1’
      • ‘We constructed deletion mutants for nonessential genes by one-step gene replacements.’
      • ‘Genes were picked at random for deletion.’
      • ‘During prolonged cultivation, subclones with various deletions were isolated.’
      • ‘The molecular mechanisms responsible for generating deletions are not well understood.’
      • ‘Clones with multiple deletions were made by introducing individual deletions sequentially.’