Definition of delegitimize in US English:


(British delegitimise)


[with object]
  • Withdraw legitimate status or authority from (someone or something)

    ‘political efforts to delegitimize nuclear weapons’
    • ‘By proclaiming all education in other contexts as ‘unrecognised’, the old order was delegitimised.’
    • ‘It deliberately sets out to demonize and delegitimize the the State and, by extension, its people.’
    • ‘If anything, I thought it would delegitimize those who were questioning him because this was such a stunning, staggering development that put the nation into a state of shock.’
    • ‘Prosecutors delegitimize this status by using it to extract plea bargains’
    • ‘From the start their interests were in destabilizing and delegitimizing the occupation.’
    • ‘Several attempts were made to delegitimise the electoral process, even before voting started.’
    • ‘The Board of Education and its companion cases contributed in a major way to bettering America by delegitimizing racial segregation in public schooling.’
    • ‘Let me illustrate here with an example about music, which may simply serve to marginalize and delegitimize the issue I'm discussing, but hey, that's why we're here.’
    • ‘In the end, it wasn't the musical subcultures that were delegitimized but Soviet authority.’
    • ‘Extremism can be best delegitimized by elections, and the religious parties' vote in the country has historically fallen short of 5 percent.’
    • ‘Similarly, terrorists lose when their outrages delegitimize their political cause.’
    • ‘‘We're moving away from more than five decades of efforts to delegitimize the use of nuclear weapons,’ he warned.’
    • ‘The claim to know how the world really is expresses a hegemonic ambition; it asserts authority in a way that delegitimizes others’ perspectives on human experience and the world in general.’
    • ‘Good substantive arguments, which are only delegitimized by the overheated and irrational introduction.’
    • ‘However, in choosing methods that are both unlawful and ineffective, we have delegitimized our pursuit of this intelligence.’
    • ‘In other parts of the western world, the use of force and crude political arm-twisting is delegitimized and no longer comme il faut.’
    • ‘If she levels a levelheaded, legitimate accusation, delegitimize it by feigning astonishment and outrage.’
    • ‘It is a blatant effort to delegitimize the country as such.’
    • ‘Only their own religious communities and societies can really restrain and delegitimise them.’
    • ‘First, there is the wonderfully apt analogy that a small turnout of whites in the first election after the end of apartheid in South Africa would not have delegitimized any election there.’