Definition of delegitimization in US English:


(British delegitimisation)


  • See delegitimize

    • ‘This sort of delegitimization of terrorism, I think, is courageous.’
    • ‘By far the most influential cause of the possible trend toward the delegitimization of warfare is the global media.’
    • ‘But it's also another small step in the delegitimization of the very idea that the out-of-power party has the right to oppose the party in power.’
    • ‘The end of the Cold War, therefore, was less a ‘victory’ of one side over the other than a joint process of delegitimization, the dissolution of two separate political imaginaries.’
    • ‘In societies, such as the African ones where religion is woven into virtually every aspect of life, its delegitimization can easily lead to the collapse of social norms and cultural identities.’