Definition of deinotherium in English:


(also deinothere)


  • An elephantlike fossil mammal found mainly in the Pliocene epoch, the lower jaw having tusks that curve downward and backward.

    • ‘By the Early Miocene, deinotheres had grown to the size of a small elephant, and had migrated to Eurasia.’
    • ‘The name deinothere is based on the Greek for ‘terrible beast’, as 19th century naturalists believed that it was a sea monster.’
    • ‘It is a member of a group called the deinotheres which were cousins to the elephants.’
    • ‘Imagine a landscape inhabited by several kinds of elephantoids, deinotheres, three species of rhino, two species of hippo, and two species of giraffe.’
    • ‘These ancient species were lying side by side with more advanced forms called deinotheres and gomphotheres, which were not previously known to exist until 20 million years ago.’


Modern Latin, from Greek deinos ‘terrible’ + thērion ‘wild beast’.