Definition of dehydrogenate in US English:



[with object]Chemistry
  • Remove a hydrogen atom or atoms from (a compound)

    ‘a dehydrogenated analogue of cortisone’
    • ‘Alcohol dehydrogenase is an enzyme that takes a hydrogen atom from (dehydrogenates) an alcohol molecule.’
    • ‘Carbon dioxide is formed when formic acid is dehydrogenated.’
    • ‘Scientists found more dehydrogenates in Chinese livers than westerners through studies of intoxicated people from various countries.’
    • ‘Addition of ethylene, through a Friedel-Crafts alkylation, to benzene affords ethylbenzene, which can be dehydrogenated to give styrene.’
    • ‘Because lignins are complex polymers, and no standard composition can be defined, calculations were based on end products being the dehydrogenated residues of the three main monolignols.’


Mid 19th century: from de- (expressing removal) + hydrogen + -ate.