Definition of degradable in US English:



  • See degrade

    • ‘It was the first of the major UK supermarket chains to introduce 100% degradable carrier bags in all stores.’
    • ‘This is particularly true of products constructed of rubber, silicone, plastic, or other degradable components, but any product can degrade over time.’
    • ‘Because royal jelly's composition is nearly 70 percent water, it's highly degradable, and freeze-drying helps lock in its nutrient value.’
    • ‘With waste that was non-biodegradable and material that could be recycled collected separately, it was an easy task to convert degradable waste into value-added compost.’
    • ‘‘We have not yet withdrawn from using the degradable bags, but we are looking at a number of alternatives, including paper bags which are not as environmentally-friendly,’ she said.’