Definition of degauss in US English:



[with object]
  • 1often as noun degaussingElectronics
    Remove unwanted magnetism from (a television or monitor) in order to correct color disturbance.

    • ‘I was degaussing it by moving it through a static magnetic field.’
    • ‘Closest thing a programmer has been to a rave is the last time they degaussed their monitor.’
    • ‘But if you degauss a hard disk, you can never use it again.’
    • ‘It could be that the screen is magnetized and need to be degaussed by a service technician.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the tape must be properly degaussed.’
  • 2historical Neutralize the magnetic field of (a ship) by encircling it with a conductor carrying electric currents.

    • ‘The most effective counter-measure was degaussing which obliterated the magnetic field of a steel hull.’
    • ‘There was also a degaussing station attached to the establishment, and after the war until 1962 it was used as a Sea Cadet training centre and an Admiralty store.’
    • ‘The first part of the experiment took place in 1943 when a powerful electromagnetic field was used to degauss the ship without any damage to electronic equipment on board.’
    • ‘The size arrangement and location of the degaussing coils are based on finite element modelling of the ship structure and major equipment fits.’
    • ‘The ship's degaussing is made up of 25 coils for the ship's structure as a whole and local coils for specific items of equipment.’


1940s (in degauss (sense 2)): from de- + gauss.