Definition of dégagé in US English:



  • Unconcerned or unconstrained; relaxed.

    • ‘Jean affected a somewhat dégagé manner and a perceptible swagger.’
    • ‘Their cool, uncluttered, somewhat dégagé style meshes perfectly with my mood for spring.’
    • ‘His manners are graceful and winning in the extreme - quiet, affable and dignified, yet cordial and dégagés.’
    • ‘Prior to this, Fowler had avoided taking sides at all costs; he was dégagé.’
    • ‘For fashion folk, there was added frisson in Finney's voluminous white shirt: the lustiness and dégagé elegance of its frills and pleats catching the eye.’


  • Pointing of the foot to an open position with an arched instep slightly off the floor.

    • ‘She describes them as being similar to battements dégagés, but with the working foot striking the supporting leg at the ankle instead of closing into fifth position.’
    • ‘Battements dégagés strengthen the toes, develop the instep and improve the flexibility of the ankle joint.’


Late 17th century: French, past participle of dégager ‘set free’.