Definition of defrag in US English:



[with object]Computing
  • short for defragment
    • ‘I have more important chores, like formatting and defragging my floppies.’
    • ‘Look after your hard drive - check the integrity of your hard drive to avoid irregularities in the way your PC stores files and defrag to ensure that files are not saved in fragments.’
    • ‘After every test, all drives were defragged and the system was rebooted.’
    • ‘I spend a good chunk of time trying to track down the problem - running diagnostics, defragging the hard drive, updating drivers, etc.’
    • ‘And of course, I also recommend that you defrag your hard drive after every cleaning.’


  • An instance of defragging a disk, or the utility that does this.

    • ‘I've scanned my system for viruses, cleaned my hard drive using the defrag utility, and use scandisk to check for file-system errors.’
    • ‘So I had to take the lot off and do a defrag, now it's a bit better.’
    • ‘If you run the defrag utility (normally found on Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools) once a month, your PC will be a lot happier for it.’
    • ‘This week the article caught my interest - as on many Computer Group forums - the defrag utility is plagued with many problems.’
    • ‘I wouldn't do a defrag while burning a CD even if I did have burnproof, to me it just ‘feels’ wrong to be doing both those things at once.’