Definition of defilement in US English:



  • The action of defiling or the state of being defiled.

    ‘the heinous defilement of their most sacred site’
    ‘the purification of all defilements’
    • ‘Kant proclaimed it the worst conceivable defilement of a person's humanity.’
    • ‘I live by the Bible's command to ‘cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit’.’
    • ‘Among these communities, economic interdependence was inescapable but the boundaries of defilement remained.’
    • ‘Spiritual impurity or moral defilement starts on the inside.’
    • ‘Water metaphors give rise to a fluid cosmology of feelings in which senses of pollution, dirt and defilement are caught up with the need to protect social, moral and bodily boundaries.’
    degradation, debasement, spoiling, sullying, impairment
    desecration, profanation, profanity, violation, sacrilege
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