Definition of deficit spending in US English:

deficit spending


  • Government spending, in excess of revenue, of funds raised by borrowing rather than from taxation.

    • ‘Only ever greater doses of Keynesian deficit spending prevented the onset of deep crisis, but at the cost of runaway inflation.’
    • ‘Growth requires new money that finances deficit spending by firms and consumers.’
    • ‘Other than in wartime, there is no clear relationship between federal deficit spending and inflation.’
    • ‘In general, however, I am skeptical that capital markets are so incomplete that it makes sense to fund individual human capital investment through government deficit spending.’
    • ‘When any economic agent spends more than they earn over any given period of time, they are deficit spending.’
    • ‘But that means we may have dip into Social Security revenues, or maybe raise taxes, or go into deficit spending.’
    • ‘It is very unlikely that the practice of deficit spending will be abandoned in the not too distant future.’
    • ‘As in Chile, this massive redirection of funds from government deficit spending into private investment could raise U.S. economic growth to a new level altogether.’
    • ‘Moreover, the country's deepening trade deficit has confounded the ability of fiscal deficit spending to push the private sector back into a net saving position.’
    • ‘The government finances its deficit spending by inflation.’
    • ‘Until 1985 both countries followed similar Keynesian policies of deficit spending.’
    • ‘Government deficit spending under a gold standard is severely limited.’
    • ‘As the government borrows more to pay for its deficit spending, interest rates rise, and that hurts our entrepreneurial cause.’
    • ‘It will impact our willingness to go back into deficit spending.’
    • ‘Will a little tax cut here or a bit of deficit spending there turn things around?’
    • ‘How many times have American policy makers celebrated the elimination of government deficit spending?’
    • ‘Economists have also claimed that ending deficit spending by the federal government would eliminate the trade gap.’
    • ‘But more generally we are confronted with the issue of deficit spending by the federal government.’
    • ‘It sought to fight a savage recession with increased deficit spending.’
    • ‘Also, fiscal measures like tax cuts and public deficit spending could be recommended, where the latter is preferred because of a larger multiplier effect.’


deficit spending

/ˈdefəsət spendiNG/