Definition of deferrer in US English:



  • See defer

    • ‘The county would likely have to float bonds to cover an initial drop in property tax revenue and, occasionally, to ‘smooth’ future revenues, but the tax deferrers would fully repay those bonds over time.’
    • ‘If you're a self-described foot dragger, dawdler, delayer, postponer, deferrer, or are feeling overwhelmed and drained, this course is for you.’
    • ‘The third group are the deferrers who gained entry into university, but for a variety of reasons, did not avail themselves at the time.’
    • ‘I tend to plug listeners into one of three groups: thinkers, feelers or deferrers.’
    • ‘The prosecutor's office is not allowed to force the deferrer into certain specified treatment methods, e.g. cognitive-behavioral models, programs, or institutions.’