Definition of defenseless in US English:



  • Without defense or protection; totally vulnerable.

    ‘attacks on defenseless civilians’
    • ‘There are conflicts where one side is a fully armed and violent oppressor while the other side is defenseless and oppressed.’
    • ‘She sounds charming, if a little defenceless now her husband isn't there to protect her.’
    • ‘Well, why learn on the job in a dangerous sport where the object is to render somebody defenseless.’
    • ‘We see it very, very often, and juries very often feel the same way when you have a defenseless child.’
    • ‘But when they are in our custody, when they are defenseless, it is a mark of Western civilization that we treat them humanely.’
    • ‘They surrounded the defenseless woman, shouting at her, gesticulating violently.’
    • ‘Wireless technology is opening a potentially vast number of defenceless networks’
    • ‘The elderly and vulnerable can feel defenceless, which prevents people from living their lives to the full.’
    • ‘So much for the respect of the young and defenseless in our society!’
    • ‘Now thousands of them were left completely defenseless in this horrific tragedy.’
    • ‘In the face of such an onslaught, the Germans, military as well as civilians, were, by and large, defenceless.’
    • ‘The transport crews had a tendency to surrender before they were rendered totally defenseless.’
    • ‘Of course, others thought that you had shot four defenseless guys that were just panhandling.’
    • ‘For example, the porcupine is defenseless except for its quills, the deer vulnerable except for its speed.’
    • ‘They are completely defenseless and completely dependent, the easiest of targets.’
    • ‘Severin charged, swiping the dagger in a wide arc that left him wide open and defenseless.’
    • ‘As will have been seen from the above, the Crown's case was that here there was the deliberate stabbing of an unarmed and defenceless woman.’
    • ‘There cannot be any justification for people who raise their hand against what is most sacred to us - the life of defenseless children!’
    • ‘He played right into my vulnerable defenseless beginner trap.’
    • ‘I understand why Nancy would say that this is just an attack on this poor, defenseless woman.’
    vulnerable, helpless, powerless, impotent, weak, frail
    undefended, unprotected, unguarded, unfortified, unshielded, unarmed, without arms, without defences
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