Definition of defeminize in US English:


(British defeminise)


[with object]
  • Deprive of feminine characteristics.

    ‘an attempt to defeminize social policy’
    ‘the argument that androgens defeminize or masculinize certain neural mechanisms’
    • ‘Hormones that leak into streams from cattle feedlots are altering the sexual characteristics of wild fish, demasculinising the males and defeminising the females, according to a study.’
    • ‘As I stand before the mirror looking at an image of a woman so defeminised by a black pinstripe suit, a familiar conversation came to mind.’
    • ‘May is defeminized when she occupies those positions and/or performs functions already performed by men.’
    • ‘However, the role of the heroine still differs from that of the hero; the role does not defeminize women but gives them depth as characters.’
    • ‘When she is defeminised, she has only the strength she gives herself.’
    • ‘He had my head shaved and defeminised me.’
    • ‘The poor working-class criminal takes on an exaggerated animal status as brute while the female offender is defeminised as ‘mad’.’
    • ‘Margery seems defeminised, too: her experience of womanhood feels very much an outsider's view.’
    • ‘Most notably, she is not defeminized by her intelligence.’
    • ‘Finally, the narrator's descriptions of her ‘eye pits, [her] full set of teeth… [and] sour breath’ not only defeminize her but also dehumanize her.’
    • ‘Note the language she uses - for example she talks about defeminising herself.’
    • ‘It was carried out with considerable brutality and impersonality, where the victims were publicly defeminised and destroyed.’
    • ‘Women's participation was initially resisted on the grounds that women would be ‘harmed by competition or defeminised by training’.’