Definition of defection in English:



  • The desertion of one's country or cause in favor of an opposing one.

    ‘his defection from the Republican Party’
    ‘a number of defections by leading ballet dancers’
    • ‘One defection from the government dissolved Temaru's majority and the censure motions passed by a single vote.’
    • ‘A single additional defection could mean losing a vote of no confidence, leading to early elections.’
    • ‘The amnesty was offered after Ieng Sary led a mass defection of thousands of Khmer Rouge forces to the government.’
    • ‘Moreover, her defection from the Democrats occurred soon after the failure of the coalition proposal.’
    • ‘The costs of defection, for its weaker participants, would assuredly be higher than are the costs of continued compliance.’
    desertion, absconding, decamping, flight
    changing allegiances, changing sides, apostasy, recantation, secession
    treason, betrayal, disloyalty, rebellion, mutiny, perfidy
    tergiversation, recreancy
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