Definition of defecation in English:



  • The discharge of feces from the body.

    • ‘‘Middening’ in cats means deliberate defecation in strategic places.’
    • ‘This process continued until a sufficient number of defecations were observed and sample collection could commence.’
    • ‘Actually, raising pets stimulates dispute among many residents, due to the problem of animal defecation in public areas, and barking.’
    • ‘For example, strong fear, as with soldiers in battle, increases heart rates and blood pressure and may incite uncontrolled defecation or urination.’
    • ‘The programme did not appropriately address the community's resistance to opt for toilets as an alternative to open defecation.’
    excretion, discharging faeces, excreting faeces, passing faeces, evacuation of one's bowels, opening one's bowels, going to the lavatory
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