Definition of defamation in English:



  • The action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.

    ‘she sued him for defamation’
    • ‘The tort of defamation protects a person from untrue imputations which harm his reputation with others.’
    • ‘In defamation the falsity of the libel or slander is presumed; but justification is a complete defence.’
    • ‘If the contents of the publication are untrue the law of defamation provides prohibition.’
    • ‘Defendants have counterclaimed for defamation and abuse of process.’
    • ‘No defamation occurs until the defamatory matter is communicated to a third party.’
    libel, slander, character assassination, defamation of character, calumny, vilification, traducement, obloquy, scandal, scandalmongering, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, backbiting, aspersions, muckraking, abuse, malediction
    disparagement, denigration, detraction, derogation, opprobrium, censure, criticism
    smear, slur, lie, false report, smear campaign, rumour, insult
    mud-slinging, slagging-off, knocking, bitching
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